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May 31, 2008


Cody Benton

How do i keep my kids from doing the things i did as a teenager, how do i keep our relationship open and honest so they can and will share things with me. Real things like questions about sex and God and......well you get the point.

I egarly await your wisdom!


After you feed your baby, change him, and hold him, and he is still crying, then what do you do? :)

Garrett Frazier

Considering my son is only 16 months old, the only problem I have now is not getting to spend enough time with him. I do worry about how I will teach and discipline him in the future. Should I teach with consequence and fear? Or should I teach with subjective reason and leave the final decision up to him when he becomes a teenager? I do think about how I will teach my son not to experiment with drinking, drugs, and sex when the majority of teenagers do? I'm up to the challenge.

Brandon Cunningham

I have a blended family of 5 and the number one thing I think you have to teach your kids is you are not perfect. When you make a mistake, admit it and apologize. Tell them your history. Mistakes and all. Not just the one time you hit the home run or scored the basket. Tell them when you struck out or got fired or lost the girl. Encourage them with your responses to failure rather than your lack of failure. Falling is called dying if you don't get up. Also marry very well like you and I did.


Good stuff. Keep it coming!


I went to my daughter's high school graduation yesterday. We also have a freshman, a 4th grader, a 4 year old and twin 3's. You'd think I'd have it figured out, right? Um, no. Every child is different. I'd have to betray some doctor-patient confidentiality to talk more frankly, but each of the six has some pretty important issues. Just remember that. You are you, they are (um...) they, and if you have more than one, they will be different, too, even the twins. Some thoughts:

Remember, parents are charged with supporting their families. Often this falls to the Dad in particular. Don't forget that you need to be out there working.

But the job has limits. You also should be home and interacting with the kids. If the hardwood floor is too hard on your old-man knees, buy a big rug. But get down there with them.

Bicycle helmets are probably smart, but really, you can't protect them from everything. If you do, they'll have an unrealistic view of how safe life is. It's not that safe, they should know that jumping off the couch face first hurts so they won't graduate to jumping off the roof face first. Experience is a great teacher.

Kids learn by caught not taught. Tell them anything you want, but they won't learn like when they see you in action. If you tell them they shouldn't drink but you're getting hammered every weekend, guess which one they'll remember?

Teach them about money. You know all those fights you and your spouse get into? How many are about money? Yeah! So teach them about money.

And don't forget God. Don't beat them on the head with it, but let them catch you being honest, studying the bible, helping others. There are moments every day when talking about God fits the conversation; do it then. If you work to become a man after God's own heart, your children will see it, too. And, as Brandon says, apologize when you get it wrong. They will need to know how to apologize, too.

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