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June 01, 2008



Here's my paranoia coming through: Twitter seems like a great way for Big Brother to keep track of everything we do. Thanks, I'll pass.


I am a twitter-er and I love it! I have learned so much through other leaders in ministry who are twittering. Just recently I met several of my twitter friends at WiBo and this was really cool and would not have happened if I wasn't twittering! It can become addicting tho!!! Want any more info feel free to email me.

Jason Curlee

Man...where could I start

Here are the uses I have used or experienced:
1) I update my blog posts there with twitterfeed.com
2) I read what others are doing
3) I can ask questions to my friends in a mini-blog and get responses
4) I have it locked into my facebook so when I twitter it updates my facebook status
5) You can interact with friends through a conversation
6) Be more random than you would be on your blog
7) Post short prayer requests
8) Put a live feed to it up on your blog to make your blog more interact which you already do.
9) Post Notes From A Sunday Message
10) Set up prayer needs twitter for a prayer team
11) Anything your imagination can come up with.

Nan Palmero

Hey Brian!

We are using twitter in similar ways to Jason. We also encourage some of our clients to post specials and coupons on there, similar to www.twitter.com/DellOutlet

We are also working with Kevin @ Imagine Fellowship for realtime twitting (twittering? tweeting?) during the message at church! We are launching this weekend!


Nan. Keep me posted on how it goes. I hear great things about your impact at Imagine. Great job!

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